Sitting Fee & Deposit

An on-location session for up to 2 hours. This covers the creative services of photography and editing your images. Also included is a $200 deposit that can be used towards any purchases after you receive your online gallery.


Master Access

Many of our families want all of their images. Master Access gives you the ability to download all of your high resolution files in both Color and B&W. It also includes printing rights so you can print from your files as often and anywhere you would like.

$400 ($200 after using deposit)

Art that means something

We offer a wide assortment of print and product options

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Can we choose our location?

Yes, absolutely. Northern Michigan offers so many great options: beach, woods, fields, old buildings, downtown and more. If you don't have a location in mind, we can recommend some.

What time should we have our session?

In general, on location photography works best either in the morning (starting right at sunrise) or evening (2 hours before sunset). During the middle of the day, the sunlight can be harsh and more difficult to work with. Nobody likes squinting during their entire session. That being said, I've photographed during all times of the day, and we are always able to get good images. These suggestions just represent the ideal.

How many people can be included in the session?

There is no limit to the # of people you include in your session. The only limit will be the time we have.

What will happen if there is bad weather?

Rain is the main thing that will keep us from being able to photograph. If the weather isn't looking great, we will touch base with you and discuss your options. If we need to cancel, we will do our best to find another date that will work for your family.

Do you have recommendations for what to wear?

In general, bring things you feel comfortable and confident in. You can also bring several clothing changes so you could have something casual as well as dressy. Layers work well too, so you can quickly change the look of your outfit. Choose clothing in the same tonal range (dark to light) for each person or make sure it is balanced. This keeps one person from dominating the photo. Also think of color groupings instead of matching all the colors such as earth tones, neutrals, grays and purples, etc. Pinterest is a great resource for clothing ideas. Just search, "what to wear for family pictures."

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept cash, check or credit.