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Our #1 recommendation

If there was ONE thing we would recommend every bride and groom consider making a part of their wedding day it would be what has come to be known as a First Look.  A first look is where the bride and groom take some time prior to their ceremony to see each other for the first time.  We find a secluded, beautiful location and allow you to have a private moment just the two of you.  Well, OK, we'll be there too hiding behind trees and bushes capturing all the drama and emotion.  Below are some reasons to consider it:

1.  Allows you to relax!  So you may not be doubting you choose the right person to marry but there are almost always still some nerves come your big day.  Add all the details you are rushing through to get ready like hair, make-up, decorations, where's my maid of honor and you can quickly forget to enjoy your day.  Taking a moment at the beginning of your day to see each other puts all those nerves to rest and really sets the tone for the rest of the day.

2.  Take care of some of the most important images right away!  Despite the best laid plans, time flies on your wedding day.  And when the schedule starts to get pushed back it is often the Bride and Groom who get the short end of the stick and run out of time for their images.  With a first look, we take some time to get beautiful images of the two of your before everything really gets going.  It also frees up time in between your ceremony and reception to either visit another location, spend more time getting images of your family and bridal party or just time to relax at a vineyard or at your own cocktail hour.

3.  It really is a unique and special moment!  Of course traditions say that you should see each for the first time when the bride comes down the aisle.  And this is certainly a special moment as well but it is a public moment.  Everyone is in on it.  When the bride makes it to the front there is no talking, hugging, spinning the bride around to check out that awesome dress and you certainly better not lay a kiss on each other.  The First Look is private and allows you to really interact.  Go ahead and spin your bride around.  Heck, spin the groom around while you are at it.  Hug, snuggle and taboos.  And all of that being said, we believe that moment in the ceremony will still be special precisely because it is public and all eyes will be on you.