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Our Style

Everyone has a style...modern, classic, artsy, photo journalistic, lifestyle and more and more.  We share our "style" by talking about our goals for your wedding day.  I think this helps understand who we are besides just the look of your images.  So our first goal is capture as many natural moments as possible.  We want to create a collection of images that will bring back the laughter and tears for years to come.  This means letting you remain the focus.  This is your day.  So though we may at times give direction to get things going ("walk down that path and then stop and face each other") we give you the freedom to be yourselves.  If you are huggy people...hug.  If you are kissy people...kiss.  If you are cuddlers....cuddle.  We much prefer capturing those real moments.  

Our second goal is to be creative in capturing images of this new relationship that you are creating.  We love photographing in new locations and using our surroundings to create beautiful images of the bride and groom.  We again use natural moments and natural poses to create timeless images for you to display in your home.

Thirdly, we want to capture your story.  Your wedding day will FLY by.  Even the very next day you will struggle to look back and remember all of those moments.  We want to help you remember.  We want to help you share that story.  That story is made up of those natural candids, meaningful ceremony shots, beautiful portraits, all the little details and that fun party that is your reception.  We are not just concerned with the images that you may want to blow up and display above your couch.  All of those images, they all tell your story.  Our goal is to capture as many as possible.  And this is also why our top two packages include a custom wedding album because we believe an album is one of the best ways to remember and share that story for years and years to come.

Our fourth goal is do everything we can to make sure you, your family and friends have a great experience.  We want to help you at every stage to make sure you enjoy your wedding day.  We love interacting with your family and friends.  We are not diva photographers who will intrude, boss you around and in any way make people feel uncomfortable.  Having great images and a terrible experience is simply not an option for us.