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Family - Investment

We really do believe that getting the best images of your family is an investment.  I remember a few years ago I kept track of what I spent on fast-food over a year.  Let me just say it was way too much.  My wallet and wasteline felt it.  And I spent all of that money for what?  Then consider everything you put in your house to make it, electronics, decor and more.  I can assure you that images of your family will be the most valuable thing that you display in your home.  Please contact us and we can give you detailed information on all our pricing but for now, here is some basic information:

~ Our Portrait Session sitting fee is $175 for an on location session up to 2 hours.  This covers the creative services of photography, editing and our meeting with you to present the images.  This fee is due at your portrait session.

~ At your Image Presentation Session you will have the opportunity to consider several product options.  We will have samples of many of our products so you can see first hand what will work best for your images and your home.  After this meeting your gallery will be posted online.

~ If it would be more convenient for you to go directly to an online gallery or if you are travelling from out of town, we do offer the option to start with an online gallery and we will pass on some product suggestions and ideas.  For this feature we require an additional $200 deposit to be paid at your Portrait Session which can then be applied to any product purchases later.

High Resolution Master Access - If you are like me, I can't stand to get rid of any images.  I want them all.  If this is you, purchasing Master Access are a perfect solution.  You will have all of your edited images in a high resolution format and it includes printing rights so you can print from the files as often and wherever you want. Our Master Access is $400.  I would say most families spend on average around $600-800 for the session and any products or Digital Files they may want.  Some may spend less or more. 

~ We have worked hard to find and offer you 4 amazing product groups that will allow you to beautifully display and share your images.  These are Gallery Wraps, Framed Prints, Wood and Burlap prints  and Custom Portrait Albums.  We also have a selection of smaller prints for table top frames, and other smaller items that work great to give as gifts.

~ Payment for your Portrait Session and any products can be made by cash, check or credit.  We can also set up a payment plan for larger product purchases.  We really want this process to be enjoyable and are willing to work with you to allow you to get the best images displayed in your home to share with all your friends and family.